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With over 30 years of combined experience in the auto transport industry. Motor Vehicle Shipping Canada is a company who you can trust.
 Here are some companies who utilize Motor Vehicle Shipping
Road Transport
Railway Transport

Our Best Service

Having over 50  years of experience in the auto transport industry. Motor Vehicle Shipping is a company who you can trust and depend on.

On-line Tracking

Motor Vehicle Shipping  makes it easy to track your automobile when shipping by  Truck or Enclosed Rail. With in-house tracking, you can easily know where your vehicle is located while in-transit.


Shipped our Car from Ont to NS, was informed and updated  thru out the shipment and arrived on time as expected

Thomas  Bellows

They were very good for communicating where my vehicle was and answering any questions I had.
Would recommend using them to ship your vehicle.

Joe  MacLean

Contact for updates of the vehicle we shipped  was  helpful to know where the vehicle was while intransit across the country.

Susan Mackey

Enclosed Vehicle Shipping

Shipping high Valued Vehicles  over $ 175 000, we ask that you provide us details of the shipment prior to booking … We provide   professional door to door service for your luxury , antique, or any other high-end vehicle.  PH:  1-800-387-0128

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