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 Here are some companies who utilize Motor Vehicle Shipping

The tracking was very helpful to know where the vehicle was on the trip cross the country.

Dana Blonski


The experience with MVS was good. My car arrived in good condition, though a bit dusty.

Yuli Siao

The quality of communication, timeliness, and delivery were excellent, and worth every penny!

Mariusz Klobukowski

Shipping your vehicle By Enclosed Rail?

When moving your vehicle via rail within Canada. Please be aware that not all rail service providers offer car shipping services in every city so depending on where you’re shipping from and to, the shipping modes may  differ. (Enclosed-Rail, – Truck or combination of both)

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Am I allowed to put personal items inside my vehicle while shipping by rail?

When shipping by train, the only items you are allowed to have inside your vehicle are tires, child car seats when affixed, jumper cables and minor tools (factory items, properly stowed), driver manual, first-aid and/or emergency supplies kit, ice scraper and snow brush, spare tire and tire changing tools, and car cover including bra.

For more information on this type of shipping keep reading below.

On-line Tracking

Motor Vehicle Shipping  makes it easy to track your automobile when shipping by  Truck or Enclosed Rail. With in-house tracking, you can easily know where your vehicle is located while in-transit.

How would my vehicle be secured to the train?

A specialized designed wheel chock is used to secure your vehicle to the train. The device stops your vehicle from moving and only your tires are in contact with the device and the train. Your vehicle is not strapped or chained.

Is shipping my car by rail safe?

Railways in Canada handle over 2.3 million vehicles every year and the majority of these vehicles are brand new. Enclosed rail containers are used to ensure that your vehicle is protected throughout the transport process.

Enclosed Vehicle Shipping

Shipping high Valued Vehicles  over $ 175 000, we ask that you provide us details of the shipment prior to booking … We provide   professional door to door service for your luxury , antique, or any other high-end vehicle.  PH:  1-800-387-0128

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