Vehicle Delivery / Driveaway Services

Vehicle Delivery / Driveaway Services Across Canada

If your in need to move one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, Our staff of Coordinators are able to  provide you with Door-to-Door service, taking all the worry out of your relocation.

Our Company has 40 years of experience of moving vehicles every day and have completed Hundreds of safe, and on time moves. Inform us of  your needs, and we’ll offer you the best solution with our  fully dependable drivers. Our expertise is the  transport the safe delivery of your vehicle .

With car Delivery / Driveaway Service, we deliver one  or several vehicles at a time and we work around your schedule .

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What Is A Car Delivery And Driveaway Service?

Car Delivery and Driveaway service provides a driver for Clients who need their Automobile picked up and delivered, if they are unable to do it themselves. With our Nationwide network of professional drivers who take great care in getting your vehicle delivered safely. Our professional drivers are fully licensed and insured.

Contact our Office:   1-800 -387-0128

Local Vehicle deliveries are usually “door-to-door.” This means your car will be picked up and delivered directly to your Residence or Commercial location. This means you do not have the inconvenience of needing a ride to pick up your vehicle at a terminal or and other location. We strive to offer the most Cost Effective worry-free experience possible for you.

Contact our Office:   1-800 -387-0128

Who use our Vehicle Delivery and Driveaway Services?

New / Used  Auto Dealerships
  • Moving vehicles to or from an auction, between dealerships or a vehicle reconditioning centre.
  • Dealership trades.
  • Delivering to a customer who purchased a new or used vehicle.
  • Picking up or delivering a vehicle to its owner that’s in for service or repair.

Auto Repair Shops

  • Picking up a vehicle from a customer and bringing it back to the Auto shop for repair.
  • Delivering a vehicle back to a customer that was in for service.
  • Picking up a car part and delivering it back to the Auto Repair shop.

Auto Auctions

  • Picking up vehicles from various locations and bringing them back to the trucking or rail terminal to be loaded and shipped elsewhere.
  • Delivering vehicles from the truck or rail terminals to customer locations.
Car Rental Companies
  • Moving vehicles between locations.
  • Transporting vehicles to and from repair shops.


Fleet Management Companies

  • Relocating fleets between service areas or job sites.

Manufacturers / Government Agencies

  • Local drop off to dealerships.
  • Special deliveries to customers.

Types Of Vehicles That Our Car Delivery / Driveaway Service manage

Passenger Cars

Sedans, hatchbacks, and wagons capable of moving 2 to 5 persons.

Sport Utility Vehicles

Rear-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles that can be driven over rough ground.

Pickup Trucks

Light duty and heavy duty pickup trucks up to and including 1-ton sizes.

Mini Vans

Smaller vans with seating for 4-8 persons.

Work Vans

Larger vans capable of transporting cargo or more than 8 persons.

Box Trucks

Commercial vehicles with the cargo area and cab area separated.

Vehicle Delivery /

Driveaway City Locations 

Across Canada

Our car delivery and driveaway service is available in most major cities across the country. If you have a specific location not listed that you would like to inquire about, contact us today to see if we can help you.








British Columbia


All other major Towns



All other Major Towns

Nova Scotia






Que City

Niagara Falls
North York
St. Catharines

Who Drives My vehicle With 

A Vehicle Delivery /

Driveaway Service?

We have a network of professional drivers that we can call. Our drivers are interviewed, hand picked and screened before they get near your vehicle. We only hire experienced professional drivers to handle your vehicle. Our drivers are paid to drive; they take great care in their job.


Please click the following link if you are interested in working with us.

What To Know Before Having Your Car Transported By A Driveaway Service

Your vehicle must be in good

working condition. If it has any

mechanical issues, please let us

know immediately.  Call:   1-800-387-0128

Tire Condition

The tires must be in good condition with sufficient tread and be inflated.

Fuel Level

Please make sure there is at least ½ tank of fuel in your vehicle. If your vehicle doesn’t have enough fuel, there will be an extra charge.

Safety Inspection

If your vehicle is 15 years old or older, it will need to have a current safety inspection.

Who Drives My Car With 

A Car Delivery And 

Driveaway Service?

We have a network of professional drivers that we can call. Our drivers are interviewed, hand picked and screened before they get near your vehicle. We only hire experienced professional drivers to handle your vehicle. Our drivers are paid to drive; they take great care in their job.

Or call us toll-free at 1-800-397-0128

regarding your order.

Before pickup/delivery, our dispatcher will make contact with you with an estimated time of arrival (ETA).

If your vehicle is being picked up:
The driver will have your contact information and VIN # in their Car Shipping Inspection App and a business card with Motor Vehicle Shipping Canada

Please take photos prior to pickup.

If your vehicle is being delivered to you:
Please inspect your vehicle and let the driver know if there are any damages.

Please take photos for your record and send them to us right away by email.

Please send all pictures taken at pick up and/or drop off to us immediately by uploading them through the Photo Upload portal on your tracking page or by emailing them to us at

Important Notice

If for any reason your vehicle is deemed unsafe for driving by the drivers on inspection at the pick up location, or if the vehicle is not ready for pick up, there will be a dry run fee applied to your order of a minimum of $150.00.

In this scenario, we may be able to pick up your vehicle with a tow truck for an additional charge.

Contact our Office for details;


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