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ENCLOSED TRANSPORT - Motor Vehicle Shipping

Ship Your Car Enclosed

Enclosed Vehicle Transport

Shipping high-value cars is something we do every day. We offer white glove professional door to door service for your exotic, antique, or other high-value vehicles.

Most Popular and Economical

Lowest Cost

  • Online Tracking
  • Standard Insurance
  • Rail and Open Trailer
  • Terminal or Door Delivery Options
  • Vehicles May Be Routed Through One or More Terminals
  • First Come-First Served Pickup and Delivery
  • Preferred choice for dealerships, manufactures and individuals
  • No Transit Time Guarantee

Best Protection For Your Vehicle

Best Value

  • Online Tracking
  • Best Insurance Coverage
  • Enclosed Trailer That Holds Up To 6 Vehicles
  • Vehicles May Be Routed Through One or More Terminals
  • First Come-First Served Pickup and Delivery
  • For High Valued and Antique Vehicles
  • Lift Gates on Trailers for Lowered Vehicles
  • Soft Tied – Vehicles strapped to the trailer using soft straps over the tires. No chains
  • Exterior Protection – Protect your vehicle from rocks, sand, salt and road debris while its being shipped.
  • Experienced and Professional Drivers – All drivers with 5+ years experience
  • Interior Protection Guarantee – Seat Covers, Steering Wheel Covers, Floor Mats
  • No Transit Time Guarantee
  • Approximately 2x the Standard Shipping Cost

Very Fast but Very Expensive

Most Expensive

  • Online Tracking
  • Best Insurance Coverage
  • Dedicated Enclosed Trailer or Cargo Plane
  • Direct Shipping
  • Immediate Pickup and Delivery
  • For Very High Valued Cars and Antique Vehicles
  • Lift Gates on Trailers for Lowered Vehicles
  • All The Same Features as Enclosed Shipping but Shipped Fast as Possible
  • Transit Time Guarantee
  • Approximately 4x the Enclosed Shipping Cost

Full Coverage, Inside and Out

While your vehicle is transported it will be fully protected from the elements by our hard-sided enclosed transport trailers with the added comfort of our scratch proof car covers. To top it all off, we include seat covers, steering wheel covers, and floor mats during the transport to ensure the inside of the vehicle remains in the same condition it was picked up in. We guarantee that your valuable vehicle is handled with care from the time it’s picked up until it’s delivered.

Our carriers offer comprehensive insurance with an automatic coverage of $300,000. If your vehicle is worth more than $300,000 we can increase the insurance for a small fee.


Serving You Where You Are

Our enclosed trucks include a door to door service, so you don’t have to worry about getting your vehicle to our main terminals. In some circumstances, such as cul de sacs or narrow streets, our trucks may not be able to get directly to your home or office; in these scenarios our driver will park the truck as close as they can to your vehicle and have you meet them there.

Loaded and Secured

Some of our enclosed trailers are equipped with long, low-angle ramps while other trailers have hydraulic lift gates that can pick up your vehicle from the ground and raise it to the correct height where it will be guided into position.

Once it has been loaded onto the truck, our drivers carefully secure your vehicle using straps over the tires; no chains will be connected to your vehicle’s frame.

With over 30 years of combined experience in the auto transport industry. Motor Vehicle Shipping Canada is a company who you can trust and depend on. We are a member of BBB and the Halifax Chamber of Commerce.

On-line Tracking

Motor Vehicle Shipping  makes it easy to track your automobile when shipping by  Truck or Enclosed Rail. With in-house tracking, you can easily know where your vehicle is located while in-transit.

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