Pickup & Delivery Options

With Every Shipment,
Multiple Options Are Available

Do you want to drop off your vehicle to the terminal or have it picked up from your residence? If you live in a smaller town, you have need to meet the truck or arrange to drop off your vehicle to a local dealership for later pickup.

Please read below to find out more about each pickup/delivery option, as well as the modes of transportation available for each situation.


The cheapest and most common option. We have terminals located in most major cities across the country. Upon dropping off your vehicle at the terminal, it will be placed in a queue to be shipped.

Terminals are central hubs in most major cities where trucks have easy access to and will use them when picking up or delivering large loads of vehicles.

When dropping off your vehicle, it will be placed in queue to be shipped with other vehicles. It can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks before vehicles depart, depending on how much freight is travelling between that terminal and the next destination.

Once your vehicle arrives at the terminal, we will let you know it’s ready for pickup. If you can’t pick up your vehicle for a few days there are no extra storage fees, but if you need longer term storage for your vehicle additional fees may apply.

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We will pick up your vehicle and deliver it directly to your residence. Both trucking or driving service methods may be used. Your vehicle will then be transported to the shipping terminal to wait for the next departure on the main transport truck. Additional fees will apply.

Available in most major cities when shipping by open transport and in some smaller towns when shipping via an enclosed truck, residential pick up and delivery saves you the hassle of having to deliver or pick up your vehicle to/from a terminal nearby.

A driving service or tow truck may be used for residential pick up or delivery when shipping via open transport as transport trucks are not able to enter residential areas due to size/weight restrictions.

Door pickups or deliveries may not be available in some smaller cities or towns.

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Meet The Truck

For smaller cities and towns where we do not have terminals, you may need to meet the truck at a truck stop or car dealership; somewhere with enough space for a large 18-wheeler truck to safely park and load or unload a few vehicles.

Usually, the truck driver will contact you in advance and arrange a meeting time and location.

This mode of pick up/delivery does require flexibility as the driver only has a certain amount of time each day that they can be driving and they have other pick ups and deliveries to make. If your schedule is not flexible, it’s best to arrange with a dealership nearby to hold or receive your vehicle for you. If you do this, please provide us with contact details of the person at the dealership who is handling your vehicle.

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We can pickup or drop-off your vehicle at a dealership or commercial location. Used for delivering between dealerships or when purchasing a vehicle from a dealership. Additional charges may apply.

In many scenarios, commercial locations are car dealerships in a town nearest to your origin or destination, sometimes tow company yards can also be used.

Commercial locations are used for meeting transport trucks when a terminal is not available at the origin/destination city or town—open transport trucks can only pick up or deliver vehicles to/from commercial locations in towns where terminals are not present due to size and/or weight restrictions.

When using this method of pick up or delivery, you may have to ask your dealership for permission as some dealerships do not want to take responsibility for holding your vehicle until the truck arrives.

If you are having your vehicle picked up at a commercial location, please provide us with the date that your vehicle is ready to be picked up and we will get it on the next available truck in the area.

If you are having your vehicle delivered to a commercial location, please provide us with a contact name and number of the person who will be accepting your vehicle.

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